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I opened Nutrition Real Simple with the goal of helping people help themselves by learning and living the benefits of good nutrition. Working one-on-one or in groups, I work with clients moving them toward their goals, focusing on mindful, healthy eating habits for improved health and well-being. Simply.

Nutrition Counseling

For Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups

Meal Plans

Personalized meal plans to take the guesswork out of healthy eating

Grocery Tours

Learn, aisle by aisle, what the best choices
are for you and your family

As a Registered Dietitian & Licensed Nutritionist, I design nutrition programs to protect health and alleviate the symptoms of many diseases. I work with people to help them reach their nutrition goals, simply.

What Our Clients Say

  • I was already seeing a nutritionist when I decided to get weight loss surgery. My surgeon recommended Lisa to me so I decided to switch offices. Lisa was so kind and unjudging of me (I was over 465 lbs when I first met her, but I started my journey at over 520 the 6 months prior to meeting her). She followed me through my ups and downs as I met with her each month for my insurance required visits and supported me when I would reach small milestones in my weight loss. Even once my visits had stopped (after surgery) she would text me about my progress and help me when needed. I fell off the wagon a few times and didn’t lose weight for a few months, but with Lisa’s help I was able to get back on track and lose more weight. I’m down a total of 220 lbs so far and I still keep in touch with Lisa when I need a boost to keep me going. I would highly recommend her!

    Nicole A.
    Nicole A.
  • I met with Lisa 2 years ago. She was pleasant, informative and professional. I was amazed at the poise and understanding she provided in my sessions. She helped me better understand the role of good nutrition to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Also when I needed help with questions I may have had It was great to be able to email her and always receive a timely response. Can't say enough about Lisa as she is simply outstanding.

    Al S.
    Al S.


Sesame Tofu

Ingredients 14 ounces extra firm Tofu ¼ cup cornstarch 2 Tablespoons or more canola oil ½ cup sesame seeds, lightly toasted 1 bunch scallions, cut into 1 inch pieces Sauce: 3 Tablespoons honey 3 [...]

Nutrition Real Simple

How and what we eat impacts our lives. It impacts our overall health and how we feel, both mentally and physically. What if we could combine nutrition science with the art of living a happy and healthy life? We can.